How Anyone Can Use the BBC iPlayer Outside the UK

This site will show you how you can watch any UK TV stations including the BBC iPlayer from anywhere in the world.   Forget anything you may have heard about the BBC blocking access or that it’s not possible anymore – in 2017 it’s perfectly possible to watch the BBC abroad.   This site is dedicated to lots of people, the UK Expats who miss British TV, travellers, anglophiles or simply people who just enjoy news, documentaries and quality TV (without adverts!).  In my ideal world, the BBC would broadcast freely across the planet on a World Service model – alas commercial considerations mean that simply doesn’t happen.

But don’t worry, there are solutions – we might live in a more relaxed, warmer environment but it’s still possible to watch British TV. With a click of button, you can watch the BBC News, Eastenders, or the latest Planet Earth.  Keep reading and you’ll see a solution and if you don’t just comment and we’ll redirect you to the page that does help.

All the UK TV stations broadcast the vast majority of their programmes online – BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and 5, also the satellite companies like Sky.   The drawback is that due to the way these programmes are licensed the vast majority are inaccessible outside the UK.

The method is fairly simple, when you connect to any of these sites the location of your IP address is checked. If this address is registered outside the UK then you’ll not be allowed access to view, in the case of the BBC you’ll be redirected to the ‘International Version’, which is the site without video streaming.   This IP address is assigned to the internet connection you are using, it will always be registered to the country you are using it in.

Unfortunately, you cannot change this IP address – it’s fixed and you are stuck with it.   

In fact there is one way to really change your IP address in this situation but it involves setting up your own Internet Service provider and purchasing blocks of UK residential IP addresses.

So How Can I Watch the BBC Abroad?
Although you can’t change the IP address, it is perfectly possible to hide that address. All these web sites look at the origin of your connection, if you connect directly to the site it will see your real IP address. However if you connect via an intermediary server, it will see the IP address of that server. Hence if you use a UK server and you’ll appear to have a UK IP address.

Remember all you are doing is using a secure VPN service to hide your real IP address. It’s a method used by millions to bypass these region restrictions all over the world. Not only will it unlock the BBC from outside the UK but it works with SKy Go, Now TV, ITV Hub, Channel 4 and Channel 5. In fact it works with much more unlocking online TV stations in the USA, France, Canada, Ireland and many more countries.

Unfortunately most of the free services don’t work anymore, since the BBC blocked all proxies in 2016. There are a couple which insert pop-ups into your browser and share your internet connection with others – but they are extremely slow and not safe to use. Many of the VPN services were also blocked last year, although a few still remain working perfectly.

This is our Recommendation – Identity Cloaker, which is demonstrated in the above video. It’s one of the oldest VPN services on the internet and has a huge selection of fast UK servers plus many spread across the world. The reason it has survived are several, they don’t advertise any TV station on their website (which will always get a service closed down) plus the servers are highly secure and completely undetectable.

The computer software sits in your task bar and you just click to change your location. It also works on other devices such as smartphones, iPads and tablets, just look for the guides in the members area. There are also versions which work with Android and Mac OS X, all included in the subscription – use one or all of them on all your devices. There are no automatic subscriptions, or bandwidth limits simply one subscription which accesses everything.

It’s best to try the short trial first to see if it works well for you.

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-there’s no contract or sneaky recurring subscription and it’s perfect for using on a short holiday or business trip. I’m confident you’ll love it, I’ve used it for nearly a decade in countries all across the world.<