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For many years it has been relatively simple to bypass the Region locking operated by the BBC iPlayer application. Although technically the BBC has restricted access to people located in the United Kingdom, in practice it was quite simple to use a simply proxy or VPN program to change your location. So for example if you wanted to watch the BBC in Australia you’d simply find a free proxy and use that to hide your location. Early in 2016, the BBC stopped this practice and blocked all proxy access and many of the VPN services from accessing the site.

free trial of bbc iplayer

There are still a few VPN services which work and fortunately there are also some Smart DNS services you can use too. Here’s a free 14 day trial of one of the best – Smart DNS Proxy which you can use to watch BBC iPlayer outside the UK.

Demonstrating Free trial of BBC iPlayer

Now it’s not one I use all the time, but I’ve had a few subscriptions over the years and it’s always worked well especially with the BBC. The reason I mention this one is because it’s one of the few VPN services which offer a proper free trial and also it’s reputedly got very good speeds from Australia to their UK based servers unfortunately not something I can verify from Europe.

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For anyone just needing a solution for a couple of weeks, perhaps travelling abroad or maybe just want to listen to the cricket on Test Match Special the free trial will be perfect for this and accessing BBC iPlayer outside UK  for a short time.  Don’t worry about the BBC iPlayer sign in either, if you’ve got an account just use that.  If you haven’t then just create one either from the website or on the BBC iPlayer app, just remember to put a UK address and postcode in when it asks.

There are two services included in the free trial, the basic Smart DNS solution which works by intercepting requests for specific blocked sites like the BBC and Hulu then routing part of the connection through a proxy in the specified country.  This is basically the ‘lite’ solution it provides no security, encryption but should allow access to most region locked content, it only works with specified sites although the list is comprehensive and works with the majority of big media sites which aren’t available normally in Australia like US Netflix, BBC media iPlayer, ITV hub and so on.

BBC iPlayer free trial

The full service includes the VPN client too, which provides a secure, encrypted tunnel to access anything and should work with all blocked and region locked sites including things like gambling sites and individual videos.  If  you’re travelling or away from home, you should use the VPN as it provides a layer of security which is important if you need to access things like webmail or online banking through unknown wifi connections for example.

However if you’re just streaming video or using the BBC iPlayer radio then there’s no real necessity to encrypt your connection.   A big advantage of using the Smart DNS service is that after you’ve set it up it’s pretty much seamless.  Indeed you can’t even tell it’s being used, you can use the BBC sign in page without having to start any software or make any connection.  There’s only one drawback if you reset your IP address you’ll have to re-enable it to work again, although that’s only a click of a mouse.  However it means that Smart DNS is not ideal to watch UK TV abroad free online if you’re using a mobile device and moving around a lot.

Anyway if you’re just looking for access to the BBC for a holiday, then the 14 day BBC iPlayer free trial is perfect.  Don’t be spooked by all those BBC iPlayer VPN not working stories, although it’s true some where blocked over the last couple of years the two mentioned in this page are still working perfectly.

At the worst you can use this as a free trial of BBC iPlayer plus it also gives you a decent chance to use it before you make up your mind.

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