How to Listen to the Cricket World Cup 2019 live radio

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Update – Channel 4 have stuck a deal to show the final – England vs New Zealand.  So it will be available online on Channel 4 from 9:00 Am, for anyone.  If you’re outside the UK  you can use Identity Cloaker as described below to watch it if you prefer, just select a British server before going to the Channel 4 website.

If you’re even vaguely into Cricket then you should know that one of the biggest sporting events of the year is on currently – The Cricket World Cup 2019

For us England fans there’s actually some hope this time, with the One day team actually ranked as number one. I’m sure something terrible will happen to thwart these expectations though!
Listen to the Cricket World Cup 2019

So where can you keep up with the latest highlights of the Word Cup especially if you’re travelling or in a non-cricket loving nation. It’s one of those situations that you’d think that the internet would solve easily after all that’s what it’s all about – communication and making the world a little smaller. Yet unfortunately it doesn’t – if you’re in the wrong place then you can’t access the coverage of sporting events like this.

My preference for cricket for example is to listen on the radio, the Test Match Special team is for me synonymous with cricket of all types. I have to say though the Sky coverage of Cricket is pretty good too. If you’re happy with highlights later on then the Channel 4 will cover those later on in the evening. However if you’re not in the United Kingdom, then neither of these are accessible. The madness of restrictive media licenses extends to most sporting events too which means that it’s irrelevant if something is broadcast over the global internet.

It’s called Geo-blocking or targeting and all these online services from radio to TV are restricted based on your actual current, physical location. So if you attempt to access any of these UK broadcasters from a non-UK IP address then you’ll get blocked. Most of us are used to this happening with online TV and video, but it’s often a surprise that it applies to streaming radio broadcasts too.  That’s right, you can’t even listen to the cricket commentary audio without being blocked!

Fortunately there is a solution.

How to Listen to the Cricket World Cup 2019 on Live Radio

So fear not, we can avoid and circumvent all these stupid blocks and filters by taking back control of our own privacy. The following video, shows how simple it is to watch or listen to the cricket commentary on the BBC web site irrespective of your location.

That’s all there is to it, fire up a decent VPN program and switch to the United Kingdom and everything works fine. What happens is that the BBC will see the IP address of the VPN server and not your real one, so it decides that you’re in the UK and everything works.

The demonstration was simply to show the radio commentary of the Cricket World Cup but it works for virtually all restricted content. All the BBC iPlayer functionality works from the live TV to the archive material. The same VPN will also allow access to all other UK only TV stations too like ITV and Channels 4 and 5. You’ll still need a subscription to watch paid services like Sky and BT but it does make them work properly abroad too.

What’s more it also allows to watch other content in other countries too simply by picking a server in another country. It’s likely you’ll find coverage of the Cricket World Cup on other online stations too if you look carefully enough.

So there’s no excuse for not enjoying the sporting spectacle of the Cricket World Cup. The service demonstrated in the video is called Identity Cloaker and is perfect for watching UK television and radio as it has more UK based servers than most companies.

You can try the trial here – 10 Day Trial of Identity Cloaker

Below is the remaining matches and schedules for the tournament which are all broadcast on Sky Live and BBC radio too – on Five Live Sports Extra.  If you don’t have to listed to cricket commentary live, there’s some highlights on Channel 4 every evening too – these probably won’t be archived though.

3 June (10.30am): ENGLAND vs Pakistan (Nottingham)
4 June (10.30am): Afghanistan vs Sri Lanka (Cardiff)
5 June (10.30am): South Africa vs India (Southampton)
5 June (1.30pm): Bangladesh vs New Zealand (The Oval, London)
6 June (10.30am): Australia vs West Indies (Nottingham)
7 June (10.30am): Pakistan vs Sri Lanka (Bristol)
8 June (10.30am): ENGLAND vs Bangladesh (Cardiff)
8 June (1.30pm): Afghanistan vs New Zealand (Taunton)
9 June (10.30am): India vs Australia (The Oval, London)
10 June (10.30pm): South Africa vs West Indies (Southampton)
11 June (10.30am): Bangladesh vs Sri Lanka (Bristol)
12 June (10.30am): Australia vs Pakistan (Taunton)
13 June (10.30am): India vs New Zealand (Nottingham)
14 June (10.30am): ENGLAND vs West Indies (Southampton)
15 June (10.30am): Sri Lanka vs Australia (The Oval, London)
15 June (1.30pm): South Africa vs Afghanistan (Cardiff)
16 June (10.30am): India vs Pakistan (Manchester)
17 June (10.30am): West Indies vs Bangladesh (Taunton)
18 June (10.30am): ENGLAND vs Afghanistan (Manchester)
19 June (10.30am): New Zealand vs South Africa (Birmingham)
20 June (10.30am): Australia vs Bangladesh (Nottingham)
21 June (10.30am): ENGLAND vs Sri Lanka (Leeds)
22 June (10.30am): India vs Afghanistan (Southampton)
22 June (1.30pm): West Indies vs New Zealand (Manchester)
23 June (10.30am): Pakistan vs South Africa (Lord’s, London)
24 June (10.30am): Bangladesh vs Afghanistan (Southampton)
25 June (10.30am): ENGLAND vs Australia (Lord’s, London)
26 June (10.30am): New Zealand vs Pakistan (Birmingham)
27 June (10.30am): West Indies vs India (Manchester)
28 June (10.30am): Sri Lanka vs South Africa (Chester-le-Street)
29 June (10.30am): Pakistan vs Afghanistan (Leeds)
29 June (1.30pm): New Zealand vs Australia (Lord’s, London)
30 June (10.30am): ENGLAND vs India (Birmingham)
1 July (10.30am): Sri Lanka vs West Indies (Chester-le-Street)
2 July (10.30am): Bangladesh vs India (Birmingham)
3 July (10.30am): ENGLAND vs New Zealand (Chester-le-Street)
4 July (10.30am): Afghanistan vs West Indies (Leeds)
5 July (10.30am): Pakistan vs Bangladesh (Lord’s, London)
6 July (10.30am): Sri Lanka vs India (Leeds)
6 July (1.30pm): Australia vs South Africa (Manchester)
9 July (10.30am): Semi-final 1 (1st vs 4th, Manchester)
11 July (10.30am): Semi-final 2 (2nd vs 3rd, Birmingham)
14 July (10.30am): FINAL (Lord’s, London)

7 thoughts on “How to Listen to the Cricket World Cup 2019 live radio

  1. Thanks I subscribed to Identity Cloaker to listen to these matches and it worked perfectly on my computer. Think I was only person in China listening though !!! Is there anything different to watch the final live on Channel 4?

    1. No it’s exactly the same, just connect to a UK server then open your browser and visit the Channel 4 site where it will be live from 9:00 AM GMT – match starts at 10:30 AM I think. Come on England !!!

  2. Thanks for this. could I use it to watch Sky on my laptop when I’m travelling too? I have a Sky subscription which costs a fortune and would like to access it. thx

    1. Hi, yes as long as you have an active subscription then it will work fine. Just remember to use a UK server first and any UK only websites should work fine – including BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, Sky and Now TV. The only one you’ll have problem with is the UK version of Netflix as they block specific types of IP addresses. You should get the local version of Netflix though.

  3. This sounds good but didn’t see any mention of TV/radio and stuff on the Identity Cloaker website. I’ve seen some others which have information on channels and different TV options – would they be safer???

    1. Hi,
      None of the best VPNs will mention TV/radio channels on their site for very important reasons. Mainly because they become obvious targets for the companies to block or apply legal pressure too. Most of these companies end up getting blocked either technically by their server’s getting banned (and hence your VPN connection won’t work when accessing the BBC) or they send legal threats to the companies for infringing copyright.
      All the fast, safe and reliable VPN programs will not mention any specific channels and most will only vaguely refer to bypassing geo-blocks.

      Don’t worry though, they still know millions use them for this reason so you’ll get plenty of support and help from people like Identity Cloaker once you’ve subscribed. Hope that helps, crickets getting exciting now don’t miss it !!

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