Is the Rugby World Cup 2019 on BBC ?

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It’s started, the 2019 Rugby World Cup has begun and for keen fans it doesn’t get any better than this.  Perhaps the only drawback if you’re watching  in Western Europe is most of games are being broadcast in the morning because of the time difference from Japan.

Is the Rugby World Cup 2019 on BBC ?

Obviously the Rugby World Cup is being covered by lots of major broadcasters, so depending on your location then you should be able to access it easily.  Indeed unlike those money grabbing football tournaments, lots of the coverage is accessible on free to air channels too.  Here’s a few of the various broadcasters who are showing most of the Rugby matches lives –

  • Argentina: ESPN
  • Australia: Fox Sports and Network 10
  • France: TF1
  • Ireland: RTÉ and Eir Sport
  • Japan: Nippon TV, NHK and J Sports
  • New Zealand: TVNZ and Spark
  • South Africa: SuperSport
  • United States: NBC Sports and Univision
  • Uruguay: ESPN

It’s not quite as easy in countries where rugby union is less popular but you can also watch online from other countries if you are using a VPN program to hide your location.   For British viewers you may be disappointed to see no UK broadcaster except RTE but don’t worry there is a broadcaster carrying the tournament.

Rugby World Cup 2019

The traditional home of Rugby on UK television is the BBC, after all they pretty much pioneered coverage of the sport.  Unfortunately the budget constraints seem to have meant that they missed out on broadcasting rights for the 2019 competition.  So no you can’t watch the Rugby on the BBC this year, it’s not live and I haven’t even seen any highlights either.

You can however get the next best thing as it is being shown on ITV which is the UK’s largest commercial coverage.  This does of course mean that there are advertising breaks but thankfully not during the games themselves.   Now many of us who are outside the United Kingdom a lot rely on accessing the BBC iPlayer to keep up with our sport through a VPN.

So can you watch ITV and the ITV Hub through a VPN from outside the United Kingdom?

Fortunately the answer is yes, in fact it’s actually slightly easier as ITV doesn’t seem to be quite as active as blocking non-domestic traffic from it’s sites than the BBC is.   So if you’re not in the United Kingdom and usually use a VPN to watch the BBC then you should be fine with your current VPN service.  If you’re not using one, then you’re really missing out and it’s a great time to use a VPN.

The Basics – 

  • VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and is basically a way of encrypting and routing your connection through another computer.
  • VPNs were initially popular for keeping your data and connection safe, but now there arguably more popular for bypassing country blocks and restrictions,
  • If you VPN connection is in the UK then you’ll have full access to all UK only sites like the BBC and ITV.
  • Be careful with your choice of VPN providers many overload their servers or are blocked by the big broadcasters.

Here’s a Quick Demonstration – Watching Rugby World Cup Online on ITV

Pretty easy huh? This is using the cut down version of a program called Identity Cloaker which I have been using now for about 12 years to watch blocked content like this. You just have to make sure that you click on a UK server before visiting the ITV hub site and everything will work fine. If you don’t have an ITV account, not to worry they’re free but just create one as normal with the UK VPN enabled.

What Else Does a VPN Allow

The traditional use of a VPN is to encrypt and protect your internet connection.  If you’re using shared or unfamiliar wifi connections to check secure sites like banking, email or things like Paypal then it’s vitally important.  However over the last few years it’s become increasingly a way to bypass the thousands of filters and blocks which are implemented on popular websites.

Virtually every large media site restricts access based on your location which means you’ll frequently get blocked from accessing your favorite sites.  This is particularly likely for people who travel or live outside particular countries.  Using a VPN means your location simply doesn’t matter, you can live in France and watch US Hulu then tune in for the BBC News online – just by switching your target server’s location.

There’s lots to choose from, in fact you’ll find literally hundreds of VPN services at a huge range of prices.

Why Identity Cloaker?

I’ve literally tried dozens of VPN services over the last decade and there’s really only a small handful that are worth using particularly if you’re wanting to watch online media like video.   The cheaper ones are pretty much useless for watching TV online because they offer cheap prices simply by dumping thousands onto the same servers.  This means that they are often overloaded and extremely slow.

Almost all the very cheapest VPNs for example are virtually useless for watching UK channels like the BBC and ITV.  They’re either blocked completely or so slow that you’ll experience almost constant buffering.

Identity Cloaker isn’t the cheapest (but it’s not that expensive either) – but it’s servers are very, very fast and never overloaded.  Although the interface is perhaps a little dated, the servers are essentially what makes it great and perfect for watching British TV like the Rugby World Cup coverage on ITV.

If you want a smooth, fast service for watching British TV online then it’s certainly the service to consider.  For anyone who has tried the cheaper and super popular VPN services like express and Nord,  you will know how frustrating they can be when they simply don’t work with the channels you need.

Try the Identity Cloaker trial for 10 Days Instead!




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