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It’s been long awaited by fans of David Attenborough and I must say it was definitely worth it.   The latest of the BBC’s wonderful nature programmes was broadcast on Sunday 27th October to rave reviews in the UK.

If you’ve not come across it, then take a few minutes to watch this promotional trailer –

To be honest, I’m not sure even this stunning trailer does the programme justice and it looks like  most of the media agree.   Here’s just some of the reviews I’ve come across –

Daily Mail’s Christopher Stevens –

Visually magnificent and photography which is almost abstract in it’s beauty.

Telegraph’s Michael Hogan –

Another landmark series from the indefatigable Sir David

The Guardian –

Gorgeous, breathtaking and moving.

These are just a small selection of the superlatives being applied to Seven Worlds, One Planet and in my opinion they are all justified. It’s not just the exquisite photography and the visual quality, watch on the best resolution/TV you can find, but the stories behind the images. It’s fascinating and in parts deeply moving – certainly transports you from your day to day life. If your Monday morning often seems a huge challenge and trial then just watch the small clip of a Penguins day to put it into perspective.

It’s not surprising it’s so good, the BBC and David Attenborough have spent years refining the art of the nature documentary. The technical skills and planning are without question the best in the world. Imagine this short documentary series took four years to film and involved 1500 people. they visited 40 different countries and set up hundreds of photo shoots to capture the images to make up this series.

Seven Worlds One Planet Stream

The show is currently being broadcast live every Sunday through November and December in 2019. However each show is then released on the BBC iPlayer archive where you can watch it at your leisure. I believe Seven Worlds, One Planet will be available here for 12 months. Again watch it the best resolution your hardware can handle, remember BBC iPlayer will check your internet speed before deciding which resolution to select. So to be safe it might be worth just downloading first from the BBC and then stream locally especially if your internet connection is a bit on the slow side.

How to Watch Seven Worlds One Planet Stream Anywhere in the World

Of course, reading this will be rather disappointing if you’re a nature show lover and not based in the United Kingdom! Although the BBC iPlayer allows you to watch virtually every BBC show online both as it’s broadcast and up to twelve months later – all of this is only available if you’re physically located in the UK.

Don’t worry though, there’s no reason to start trawling through dodgy websites and downloading unsafe torrents from the internet to watch the show. All you have to do to unlock this wonderful show and indeed all the other brilliant programmes available on the BBC iPlayer archive is to hide your true location.

Many of us have been doing it for years anyway! In fact it’s no exaggeration to say that millions of people enjoy the BBC iPlayer from all over the world using this technique.

Here’s how simple it is –

What’s happening here? Well you’re simply using a security program called a VPN to hide your true location. Taking it a step further, if you select a UK server from their long list then you’re making it look like you’re physically located in the UK. The huge upside to this is that you can watch all of the UK TV channels which are freely available online including the entire BBC iPlayer archive.

There’s no doubt that if you enjoy quality TV then the UK’s online stations provide a huge choice. All are available free of charge if you are in the United Kingdom (or use a VPN to pretend you are!). Unfortunately many of the VPNs that promise this access don’t actually work anymore having being blocked by the BBC and ITV. However there are a few that work perfectly without issue. We suggest you take up the trial offers of any service you are interested to check that it works before subscribing.

Here’s our recommendation of a program that’s been working for me and my family now for over ten years to watch our favorite British TV programmes anywhere we happen to be. It’s absolutely perfect for enjoying the Seven Worlds One planet stream as the servers are among the fastest you’ll find.

Don’t take our word for it though, give the inexpensive trial a go and see for yourself.

Click here to try the cheap trial of Identity Cloaker

Within minutes you can be enjoying all the BBC has to offer plus access to ITV, Channel 4 and all the other UK TV stations.  You do need to create an account but don’t worry just make sure you’re connected to a UK server if you need to create one.  Ensure you type in a UK postcode when asked and ahem confirm you have a TV license (they don’t check) and you’ll be good to go.


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