UK TV VPN Free Trial

There are two main reasons that a VPN (Virtual Private Network) service is an essential tool for anyone who uses the internet extensively.  Have a read and at the bottom you’ll find a link to UK TV VPN free trial to try out with a professional VPN provider.

The first is privacy, without using some security software to protect yourself online then you have none.  Did you know that if you use the internet at home, there’s a complete list of every website you visit, every movie you watch and every file you download?  This log is stored at your Internet Service Provider and is coveted by all sorts of organisations from the Government to marketing companies.  Obviously how easy is is to access this information depends on where you live, in the UK for example the government is ensuring it has easy access to this information (see Snoopers Charter).

UK TV VPN Free Trial


The other is more of a confidentiality issue which is particularly relevant if you use various access points for your internet access is security of your data.  You see there’s little inherent security in any normal web transaction.  Using HTTPS offers some but that can be circumvented if someone intercepts the connection.  Accessing things like online banking, webmail or even making purchases/paying bills is very risky using someone else’s connection.   Using a VPN provider service for these transactions ensures even if the connection is insecure then your data is not.

The second reason is because of something called region locking.  This is the practice of controlling access to websites based on your location, something that is becoming increasingly common.   It is the reason you can’t watch the BBC outside the UK, your Hulu account doesn’t work outside the USA and why RTE player is blocked outside Ireland.  This is all down to region locking, a technology that controls and filters your access depending on your physical location. If you ever find your access blocked to a video, media site or download then this will probably be the reason.

A VPN bypasses these blocks and is the reason why as we speak literally millions of people across the world are able to watch British TV like the BBC iPlayer.  They are using a UK TV VPN to hide their real location, a practice that works with all the major websites that do this. Typically every media site like Netflix and BBC, gambling sites, YouTube videos or social media pages.   These people used to use something called a proxy for BBC but unfortunately these no longer work. There is another technology which can also still work called smart dns, which you’ll often find available in the trial account, listed below.

Most of the best VPN services now offer a range of servers spread across the world all included in their service.    They are simple to use as well, most having straight forward VPN client software to manage the connection.  This means you have the ability to switch your connection through whichever country you need using a static IP for that country.  Switch to the US for Hulu or American Netflix then choose a UK VPN details for the BBC or any British TV online , your actual location is irrelevant.  This control offers many further advantages too, for example the English Premiership is broadcast for free on Indian TV.  Select an Indian VPN and watch it there, although the commentary may be difficult to follow for an English speaker.

That’s Great – Any Chance of a Free UK TV VPN Trial

So that’s it, a global VPN protects your privacy and allows you to surf whichever web sites you wish.   If you use the internet a lot from home, or have ever found yourself locked out of some website then it’s worth considering try out a vpn with free trial access and see how it works.

Now there’s been something of a purge against these Virtual Private network services especially from the main UK and US media companies. They have no way to detect automatically but have manually blocked lots of address ranges which include a VPN server.  Many have found their whole UK ip address lists blocked by companies like the BBC meaning they simply won’t work when you try and connect.

The safest, fastest and most reliable are the dedicated security services like Identity Cloaker which is certainly one of the best paid vpn services.  However there are a few others that still work for the major UK channels like the BBC, you can even watch Sky Go abroad if you have a SKY subscription.

Beware of the very cheap VPN services especially if you want to use them to watch any sort of online media.  The reality is that all data is streamed through a VPN connection and a slow server will make video unwatchable.   Speed is essential for any of these services, especially if you’re connecting to remote servers a long distance away from you.

For those who have read to the bottom we have a suggestion – try out this free trial of a UK VPN.

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