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If you thought Vienna was all opera and architecture then it’s worth checking out one of the latest episodes of Seven Worlds, One Planet.  There’s a great story of a hamster who lives near a Viennese graveyard, which you can see in this clip.

Never really seen much about wild hamsters on any nature documentary, none of mine survived very long if they escaped their cages!  However it seems that their talents for foraging are often greater than their carrying capacity.

It’s a very funny scene and one anybody who has ever had a hamster could relate to.

The series is covering each of the continents and surprisingly the Europe one has been one of the best.  I guess for us European viewers we used to seeing dramatic footage of exotic animals in far flung areas.

Here’s the introduction to this programme –

Europe, a crowded continent transformed by mankind where extraordinary animals are found in surprising places.

High above the city of Gibraltar, Barbary macaques – Europe’s only primate, live a life full of kidnappings and high drama whilst in the cemeteries of Vienna ‘grave robbing’ European hamsters do battle with each other for food. Come nightfall, the forests surrounding ancient Italian mountain villages become the hunting grounds for rarely seen wolves whilst deep underground in Slovenia’s caves, and living for up to a hundred years, ‘baby dragons’ or olms can be found lurking in the pitch black.

From the Seven Worlds One Planet programme website.

This series is one of the first major productions to benefit from the new policy where BBC shows are available on the BBC iPlayer for twelve months as opposed to only 3 months previously.  There are still some exceptions  but the majority of content including all the BBC produced stuff should be accessible for a year.  This means that  using a  VPN for the BBC is even more valuable now as you can get access to even more programmes.


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